PATCHMASTER 101: How to get started - 3/17/17 Session 1
Friday, March 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM UTC - 1:00:00 PM UTC
This course will focus on the needs of PATCHMASTER beginners and the platform will be demonstrated in real time, allowing attendees to duplicate steps at their system and to ask questions at any time. 

The number of attendees in each session is limited, so please apply for a seat as early as possible. For registering you will need the serial number of your EPC10 amplifier. If you do not yet have a serial number, enter 00000 and state in the comments why you'd like to attend.

The course will begin with downloading and installing PATCHMASTER.
The following PATCHMASTER windows will then be explored and demonstrated:
- Configuration Window
- Amplifier Window (model cell required)
- Oscilloscope Window
- Pulse Generator Window
- Replay Window

At the completion of this course, you will be able to: 
- Use VPoffset, CFast and CSlow compensation in a proper way
- Create a stimulus template
- Apply the stimulus
- Watch the response of the model cell it in real time
- Analyze the recorded data


Frank Elsen, PhD
Dr. Frank Elsen is a Senior Application Scientist for the HEKA and Multi Channel Systems (MCS) product lines at Harvard Bioscience. 

Prior to Harvard Bioscience, he worked as a research scientist at the Seattle Children's Research Institute investigating the cellular properties of seizure before joining MCS in 2012, where he concentrated on developing an automated patch clamping system.