What's the best strategy for the current land market?
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM PDT - 1:00:00 PM PDT
No single asset is more important to U.S agriculture than agricultural ground which currently accounts for 82% of the overall assets on the U.S. agricultural balance sheet.  At the same time, no single asset proves harder to value since the emotions involved with agricultural land ownership have never met an economic model they could not mock.  

In this webinar we’ll compare and contrast the agricultural land market conditions and cash rental rates ranging from the I-states to the Delta region.  We’ll also focus on the opportunities created by a poorly disciplined land market and discuss how investors and producers that have the knowledge and wherewithal to exploit these opportunities stand to capitalize where others do not .  


Michael Swanson, Ph.D.
Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist

Bryon Parman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

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