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Google Drive August 2013
Monday, August 12, 2013 03:00:00 PM PDT - 05:00:00 PM PDT
Google Drive: A focused workshop on Google Docs (Forms and Documents only)
PLEASE CREATE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT PRIOR TO JOINING THE SESSION. (You do not need to create a gmail account unless you want to. You can register with an existing email but need to verify it in order to use some functions. Be sure you have opened Google Docs prior to the session as downloading Google Drive may be required first.) 

As a result of this session and through individual follow-up, teachers will:
•	Explore sample Google Docs examples and template files to gather ideas
•	List possible curriculum-related projects that students could create in his/her classes
•	Explore TeachersFirst to locate appropriate web resources to support and inspire a Google Doc project
•	Establish an account on Google Docs and explore general Docs organization/tools or discussion of doing so with students
•	Practice with a Google Doc word processing file and spreadsheet
•	List practical tips for implementing Google Docs with students (teacher-created and/or student-created)
•	(follow-up)Implement use of Google Docs as part of an upcoming teaching unit

Applicable NETS-T standards (2008)*: 1a,b,c; 2a,b,c,d; 3b,c,d;4c
* The text of these standards is copyrighted. Please read the full text at ISTE’s NETS-T page: http://www.iste.org/Libraries/PDFs/NETS-T_Standards.sflb.ashx 

**Read more about technology comfort levels for OK2Ask here. We suggest these levels to be fair to all who attend. If you sign up for a session that is above your comfort level, you may have difficulty keeping up. Please plan to watch the archived recording after the session to catch up on things you missed.

If you've never used Adobe Connect, we suggest that you run a
quick diagnostic on your computer in advance.

If you plan to attend the session via a tablet, please install the Adobe Connect App from the Apple or Android store. You WILL need a separate keyboard in order to participate fully (and earn a professional development certificate).

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